October 13th – Our Lady of Clairvaux, France, (1114)

      “She, I say, is that shining and brilliant star, so much needed, set in place above life’s great and spacious sea, glittering with merits, all aglow with examples for our imitation. Oh, whosoever thou art that perceiveth thyself during this mortal existence to be rather drifting in treacherous waters, at the mercyContinue reading “October 13th – Our Lady of Clairvaux, France, (1114)”

October 10: Our Lady of the Cloister, Citeaux, France (1624)

“and when love came to us twice and lied to us twice we decided to never love again that was fair fair to us and fair to love itself. we ask for no mercy or no miracles; we are strong enough to live and to die and to kill flies, attend the boxing matches, goContinue reading “October 10: Our Lady of the Cloister, Citeaux, France (1624)”

October 8 – Church of Our Lady of Gifts, Avignon France (1st Century) founded by St. Martha

The Tarasque ‘…Thirsty For human blood and corpses In our woods and our ravines Roams a monster, a scourge of the gods… Have mercy! The beast has a dragon’s tail And eyes redder than cinnabar; On its back, its scales and spikes are terrifying! It has the muzzle of a great lion, And six humanContinue reading “October 8 – Church of Our Lady of Gifts, Avignon France (1st Century) founded by St. Martha”

October 6: Our Lady of All Help, France (1640)

  The Cleaning Lady It’s her job to clean up after Things Go Wrong. The mattress where he soundly slept, twisted up in the blue and grey sheets, the lace-ends frayed and tied together. Holes by the toes that defied any needle and thread rest his red shoes, scrunched between the fabric , searching forContinue reading “October 6: Our Lady of All Help, France (1640)”

October 4th – Our Lady of Vassivière, Auvergne, France (1374)

Transfiguration of the Black Madonna (excerpted from Zenith) **  Gypsy Goddess; Gypsy Saint Black Madonna, full of snakes, let your crescent down. Wield the sickle, rush the milk, and salt the serpents’ mouths. Golden bangles, black milk snakes—these adorn your arms. Blue sky cloth cut for (you) Sarah, Sarah Black, Madonna Shadow, cut for goddess saintContinue reading “October 4th – Our Lady of Vassivière, Auvergne, France (1374)”

September 30 – Our Lady of Beaumont, Lorraine, France (12th Century)

  “Joan Of Arc” Now the flames they followed Joan of Arc as she came riding through the dark; no moon to keep her armour bright, no man to get her through this very smoky night. She said, “I’m tired of the war, I want the kind of work I had before, a wedding dressContinue reading “September 30 – Our Lady of Beaumont, Lorraine, France (12th Century)”

September 29 – Our Lady of Tongres, France (1081)

“Eden” by Emily Grosholz In lurid cartoon colors, the big baby dinosaur steps backwards under the shadow of an approaching tyrannosaurus rex. “His mommy going to fix it,” you remark, serenely anxious, hoping for the best. After the big explosion, after the lights go down inside the house and up the street, we rush outdoorsContinue reading “September 29 – Our Lady of Tongres, France (1081)”

September 28: Our Lady of Cambron, France (1322)

  The Period Poem  by Dominique Christina  Dude on twitter said: “I was having sex withmy girlfriend when she started her period. I dumped that bitch immediately.” Dear nameless dummy on Twitter: You’re the reason my daughter cried funeral tears When she started her period. The sudden grief all young girls feel After matriculation fromContinue reading “September 28: Our Lady of Cambron, France (1322)”

September 27th – Our Lady of Happy Assembly Le Laus, France (1664)

The Hour Dylann Roof Sat In The Church by  Denice Frohman I. By now, you know their names, their cheekbones— the tender hands they offered when you walked in. You know the quivering strength of prayer and the art of making God listen. How faith can summon weary backbones into pyramids. And you know that graceContinue reading “September 27th – Our Lady of Happy Assembly Le Laus, France (1664)”

September 26: Our Lady of Victory at Tourney (1340)

O’ powerful Nike, by men desired, with adverse breasts to dreadful fury fired, Thee I invoke, whose might alone can quell contending rage and molestation fell. ‘Tis thine in battle to confer the crown, the victor’s prize, the mark of sweet renown; For thou rulest all things, Nike divine! And glorious strife, and joyful shoutsContinue reading “September 26: Our Lady of Victory at Tourney (1340)”

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