The Delightful Mrs P’s Cabinet of Curiosities

Oh My Dears, I can’t believe it has been so long. I think I may need to get a cleaner to spruce the place up, though the cobwebs do add atmosphere don’t you think? 

I was listening to the radio (BBC Radio 4 of Course, I am a woman of discernment after all), and they were discussing the coming of Autumn (or Fall for you over the seas), some commentators were saying that it has arrived early- though it can never be too early for me, and because of that, the Spiders are getting little amorous and so we can expect many many more cobwebs and the sound of little feet scampering across our ceilings!

You know the female eats the male afterwards don’t you!… Think on *Wink*

Back to what I wanted to say, well after the heat *I’m melting.. I’m melting* and the drought of Summer… *Hic*

I have great news for those of you waiting for some delightful goods.

I have been busy working away, like a little Beaver… * no sniggering over there- what dirty dirty minds you have * and have a number of Coffins going up for sale as well as some delectable  Portable Shire and/or Altar Portraits.

As always, each item I create is directed by Spirit and or Deity.

As I work under the Dark of the Moon, each item is and has been charged under the still of that Darkness.

All Items are as always ready for your own magical purposes, and I can not tell you what to do with them.  I can only make suggestions.

So may I suggest you pop over and keep an eye out on my little corner of Etsy! – You can find me here

Handmade Gothic Victorian Mini Coffin, Funerary box, Memento Mori and Spell Box. Decorated with Roses and Cherubs £35.00 plus P&P

I am hoping soon to sell my goods through this website, but that’s a work in progress.

Etsy does say that I do not sell Internationally, I am willing to consider it.  I just want the buyer to be aware of the cost etc.  Those flying horses seem to need more and more feeding every week.

If you see something you ‘like ‘fancy‘ that calls to you, please contact me either via Etsy, my FB page – or even on here and I can give you a price etc. for postage and packaging. You, however, are responsible for any Taxes on your side….

 There are, unfortunately, some items I am reluctant to post, as sadly they are too fragile and have resulted in breakages, which has not only broken the heart of the buyer but mine too has been ripped into shreds and is now held together with staples and copper nails! I think I may have a painting of it!

The Delightful Mr’s P’s pierced heart! Can be all yours for £20 = P&P.

Quiet at the Back!


Published by The Delightful Mrs P

Witch, Writer, Card Slinger, Chocolate Lover, Tea Drinker, Cake Eater & Mystic. A Northern Lass, a Walker between and betwixt. I'll talk to Anyone, dead or alive.

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