And I sold her and took my fee….


My Madonna

I haled me a woman from the street,

   Shameless, but, oh, so fair!

I bade her sit in the model’s seat

   And I painted her sitting there.

I hid all trace of her heart unclean;

   I painted a babe at her breast;

I painted her as she might have been

   If the Worst had been the Best.

She laughed at my picture and went away.

   Then came, with a knowing nod,

A connoisseur, and I heard him say;

   “’Tis Mary, the Mother of God.”

So I painted a halo round her hair,

   And I sold her and took my fee,

And she hangs in the church of Saint Hillaire,

   Where you and all may see.

By Robert W. Service


virgin mary appears los angeles bus nurse jackie promo holy shift showtime apparition


I have a ‘thing’ about the Virgin Mary and how subversive she can be in the right hands.

Indeed I have a whole thesis built upon  the image of this untouchable, unobtainable and idealised woman. How these images and ideas were and used to keep women in a subservient place in what was and still is, to some extent, an andocentric society.

So every so often I have an urge to try and show how they were and can be subverted and somewhat reclaimed. If you are interested and want to take a look just click on Her below…

comic book Virgin Mary #





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